Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant invites you to share a matchless experience of taste by blending the international cuisine with traditional motifs.

A unique and generous presentation of a choice of world wines made diligently among various tastes. Similar tastes can be produced but it wouldn’t suffice to make you forget Seraser’s kitchen.

If you are looking for a restaurant whose quality you shall join with all your heart, don’t let only gold – just like noble souls – or only silver answer your demands; let yourself be entertained on a satin cover knitted with gold and silver.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]



Let’s see how hard perfection can get!

We aim at not only appeasing your hunger but also expanding your horizons. We put an end to novice hunger of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting.

We don’t care about the limitations. We collected all of the details of enjoyment that can be experienced in a night no matter how far they were scattered. We imprisoned them into a mansion dating back to 300 years the stones of which tell the tales of royalty. We are looking forward to seeing our enthusiastic guests off with the feelings of astonishment.

Seraser hosts crowded and impassioned souls that participate in every feast engaging with their 5 senses.


First comes eyes; Seraser came into existence with the inspiration of exceptional accessories of the “muse” Tuvana and a sweet jealousy as well as the hand-carved furniture and the objects, sculptures, ornaments and stones that are the actual reflection of time. The hunger of eyes shall come to an end in the kitchen of dreams of this perfect team’s creative mind.

Then comes ears; your ears shall be delighted with a pleasant music and sound quality even when our esteemed piano virtuosos and vocalists do not perform live. For a joy of concert between presence and absence in company with the rhythm of glasses…

Now it is time for smell; we added the garden of the chef to the flora of Mediterranean, which will remind you of a huge cocktail. Flowers just like spoiled wom
en and intensely fresh spice leaves in love with the flowers… The memories of Seraser will haunt you with this flavor when you are away from us.

The precious porcelains dreamed before chosen, handcraft dining sets and the charm of velvet even before dreaming of them. In order to touch our diligence and enthusiasm starting at 12.00 p.m. every day… Touch the curtains made of glass that we draw between you and dreams in maroon and let the music of the night be yours.

And finally taste; taste this experience that we create with our hands just like a letter of taste, which can not tolerate any signature other than Seraser’s…

You can carry on without being dazzled and spoiling the charm of the night by talking it over too much…

The flirtatious angel of time on your shoulder has left you in Seraser…
Been woven with silver and golden ropes, “Seraser” covers your shoulders just like a cool kaftan at the end of the night